Sue Blyth Hall

Sue Hall

Sue's professional training began experientially at school, but it was her son's learning challenges that led her to become interested in dyslexia.

She loves languages and worked as a secretary for 18 years. She had no idea that she shared his way of thinking until she completed her training as a Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator.

For the past eighteen years, she has had the privilege of working with dyslexic children and adults; watching them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. She began to keep a note of all the very special "aha" moments they shared with her; and when she found her views on the education system were shared by educators and parents she decided to write her book. Along the way she discovered she enjoyed public speaking and has delivered numerous free information sessions, and given interviews on TV and Radio. She developed Professional Development Day presentations for teachers and found them to be well received. She is inspired by her son, her clients and their families, and the realization that our children are here to restore balance and create a new paradigm in education.

Moving to Vancouver from England was a very good move. She loves to walk her dog on the forest trails, and beaches. Taking some of her clients and their families on the annual Summer Camp weekend is one of the highlights of her year. She volunteered at the Winter 2010 Olympics and for Pacific Assistance Dogs, and has a relatively new passion: lawn bowling! Life is very good!