I am currently in training as a Davis Facilitator. What a wonderful journey it has been. Last week I downloaded your book and it is a superb read. It is so well written and really helps to solidify the concepts we are learning and practicing. I should be practicing for my facilitator POD, but I can't seem to put your book down!

I look forward to meeting you at the Symposium.


Very InspiringI have just finished reading Fish Don't Climb Trees for the second time! Very inspiring. I had to get more post-its! I have also recommended the book to several parents of dyslexic children. Thank you so much for your insights.


PS: Just had to tell you...I have recommended your book to 2 people (so far) and both came back to me this week and said it was the BEST book they've ever read on dyslexia! I will keep on recommending it!

Your book arrived yesterday and Bruce and I wanted you to know that we think it is fabulous - you did an amazing job and have every right to feel extremely proud of this fantastic accomplishment! BRAVO!!!


I downloaded your book tonight and read it from cover to cover. Thank you! It was a delight to read and your lovely way of 'spinning a yarn' kept me flicking the pages to read more.

I think your words reflected the excitement and deep satisfaction that comes from being a Davis facilitator, and truly highlighted the far reaching positive effect that a dyslexia correction program brings. I look forward to recommending your book far and wide.


One of my Davis Facilitator colleagues, Sue Hall, recently published this wonderful book about dyslexia. Check it out!


For our Dutch friends:

Fantastisch boek aan het lezen van mij mede Davis couneler in Canadan Sue Hall. Het heet "Fish Don't Climb Trees" en gaat over dyslexie en vooral over alles wat er omheen aan gaves en problemen kunnen optreden. Er zit een mooi omschreven ervarings- stuk van haarzelf in. Het leest erg makkelijk en is - in het Engels- te bestellen als e-book.


Fantastic book to read by fellow Davis Facilitator in Canada, Sue Hall. It's called "Fish Don't Climb Trees" and is about dyslexia and especially about everything around it the gifts and problems that can occur. There is a nice experience-defined piece of herself in. It reads very easy and is-in English-to order as e-book.